Warranty Card Bonus

Earn Free Goods While Ensuring Stronger Repeat Sales

The Warranty Card Bonus Program is eligible to any Pool FROG® or FROG Leap® dealer and holds two purposes. The first is to help us e-market to your customers on the value of FROG and the importance of replacing their FROG products at your location. Secondly is to reward you with free product for your dedication to installing FROG on swimming pools. Here is how the reward works:

  • For every 10 FROG customers you submit → You receive 1 free Pool FROG or FROG Leap System

The best way to submit your customers’ information is by downloading our tracking spreadsheet. Other options for participating include:

  1. Complete an online warranty registration at https://www.frogproducts.com/about-us/product-registration/
  2. Scan copies of your customer’s invoices and upload at the link below.

This program runs from October 2023 to September 2024. All documentation must be submitted by December 31, 2024 to be eligible for the program rewards. If you have any questions, please call the Marketing Department at 800-222-0169.

To log your customer information get the Warranty Card Tracking Spreadsheet and follow the directions.

To upload your complete spreadsheet for this program, click Warranty Card Bonus Upload and follow the directions.