Instant FROG® Try Me

For eligible pool service companies, we are offering the opportunity to try Instant FROG free for the 6-month life of the product. We recommend you evaluate this on your own pool, an in-store filled pool model or a problem pool on your service route.

For in-ground pools only up to 25,000 gallons, Instant FROG sanitizes with the FROG patented mineral formula. With it working on bacteria, it frees up the chlorine to attack algae. The combination is a crystal clear pool without the hassle of call backs.

For trying Instant FROG, all we ask in return is that you tell us what you think in a quick survey that we will send to you in approximately 3 months. Ready to get started with Instant FROG? Simply click here.


Due to increased demand, there may be delays on shipments of some FROG products. We are committed to honoring all requests. If you have any questions, please email