Help Us Protect Our Brand

King Technology’s trademarks are some of its most valuable assets. They distinguish our products from our competitors’ and signify the high quality of our products.

Our trademarks include:

  • FROG®
    • BAM®
    • Filter Mate®
    • Flippin FROG®
    • Flippin FROG XL®
    • FROG @ease®
    • Instant FROG®
    • Jump Start®
    • Maintain®
    • Serene®
    • Pool FROG®
    • Bac Pac®
    • XL PRO®
  • New Water®
  • Perform-Max™
  • Oxi-King®
  • Fresh Mineral Water®∞
  • FROG Sanitizing Minerals™
  • FROG Water Care®

Our trademarks can be weakened or even lost if we misuse them, so there are some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DO use our trademarks as adjectives followed by generic modifiers, DON’T use them as nouns or verbs
    • Correct: Our SmartChlor® technology is self-regulating
    • Incorrect: SmartChlor is self-regulating
  • DO make our trademarks stand out
    • Use capitalization, italics, bold, and color for our trademarks.
  • DO use the proper notice symbols
    • Use ® with trademarks that are federally registered
    • Use TM with trademarks that are not federally registered
  • DON’T use our trademarks in the plural form
    • Correct: Our customers love the Pool FROG® system
    • Incorrect: Our customers love Pool FROGs
  • DON’T alter our trademarks
    • Avoid abbreviating the trademarks or changing design elements of logos

It is also important to protect our trademarks from infringement, so please:

  • Report the unauthorized use of our trademarks by competitors or other parties
  • Report competitor or third party use of trademarks that are similar in sound or appearance to our trademarks
  • Contact if you spot any infringement or if a third party requests to use our trademarks

Need more help?

Email or call 800-222-0169 with any questions.