FROG Test Strips a Must with FROG App  

If you are promoting the FROG Water Care App to your customers using FROG products for pool or hot tub water care, don’t forget to send them home with the appropriate FROG Test Strip. The reason is test strips are not all alike and consumers look at color first. So if they don’t have FROG Test Strips their pH color may be way different than the color they see on the app which will only confuse them.

If your customers are on one of our FROG pool products or FROG Serene or FROG Filter Mate, the FROG Test Strips is the strip they will need. For your customers on any FROG @ease System, they should only use the FROG @ease Test Strips with the one color SmartChlor out indicator. That is how the app is set up, so using any other strips will not allow them to enter the correct information.

Don’t have FROG strips in your store yet? Ask your distributor for part number 01-14-3318 for FROG Test Strips and 01-14-3350 for FROG @ease Test Strips. Then explain to your customers why using FROG strips with the FROG App will make water care even easier!