FROG Water Care App Increases Customer Retention!

FROG Water Care App pushes consumers back to their dealers!

We are proud to announce our biggest update yet to the FROG Water Care app - FREE counter cards with dealer-specific QR codes that bring customers back to your store!

Have the consumer scan your personalized QR code and download the app. Once they sign up your stores name, phone number, and directions will appear many places throughout the app. Making it easier for your customers to return to your store.

All you have to do is order it for FREE.

What is a QR code?

It is a 'bar code' type image that, when scanned with your phone's camera, sends you to a certain destination like a website or application (see image on right).

Customer Retention Features

Your customers will see your contact information everywhere in the app, below are some examples of where:

Main Menu

    Your store information is featured on the top of the main menu including phone number, name and address

Water Testing

    Once a user tests their water, they are given an option to call their dealer to get more help. Giving you the chance to make a sale.

Diagnose a Problem

    Your phone number is now included at the bottom of each screen in the Diagnose a Problem section.

How it all works is simple:

1. Preorder the updated FROG App Countercard and tear off sheets with QR Code by October 18 for FREE (pictured on right)!

2. Set up the countercard in your store

3. Promote the FROG Water Care app to your FROG customers and have them scan the QR code with their camera phone

4. Enjoy the retention benefits of the FROG Water Care app for your business

Download the FROG Water Care App!