FROG® Pool Trade-Up Program

Why Convert Pool Owners to FROG?

  • Your customers enjoy better water quality all season with less work
  • You enjoy strong customer retention and repeat sales
  • We make it easy with a Free FROG System

Here’s how it works:

We ask you to:

  1. Enroll your store here any time before the program ends
  2. Convert your existing pool owners to a Pool FROG or FROG Leap System as long as they…
    1. Are NOT currently using a FROG System
    2. Are NOT also buying a new pool (this is for converting existing pools only)
  3. Provide the FROG System including their first Mineral FREE OF CHARGE from your inventory
  4. Once the system is installed, complete the consumer page here within 30 days of installation.

King Technology will support you by:

  1. Calling the new Pool FROG® or FROG Leap® consumer to answer any questions
  2. Send an email welcome stream that always includes your contact information
  3. Reimburse you in free goods for the FROG Systems you gave away by September 30, 2023

You can begin offering free conversion FROG Systems starting March 1, 2023

Program ends August 31, 2023 and all consumer forms must be entered by September 15, 2023